WooPack for Beaver Builder


WooPack is a collection of the most advanced WooCommerce Modules for Beaver Builder. You can build beautiful, user-friendly online stores easily and quickly.

For the last few months, we have been working on our new product – WooPack Beaver Builder WooCommerce Modules. WooPack brings the power of Beaver Builder to WooCommerce websites.

We have built specialized modules that will help you showcase your products beautifully. You will also be able to style the cart and checkout pages without having to worry about custom CSS.

Click here to check out WooCommerce Beaver Builder Modules.

What can you do with Beaver Builder WooCommerce Modules?

WooPack consists of 10 creative WooCommerce modules and more will be added as we keep working on it. With the current modules, you get a lot of amazing features. Here are some of the best ones that I would like to share with you.

WooCommerce Product Grid & Product Carousel with Quick View Feature

Ever wanted to have that cool “Quick View” functionality that you see on big eCom sites? Now, you can do that with WooPack. Both, Product Grid and Product Carousel modules come with an option for “Quick View” feature. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks:

WooPack for Beaver Builder

WooCommerce Mini Cart & Off Canvas Cart Module

WooPack offers two creative cart modules: WooCommerce Mini Cart and WooCommerce Off Canvas Cart. With these modules, you can add a cart icon to the header and set it to display on click in a dropdown or off-canvas style.

woocommerce mini cart beaver builder

Style Cart & Checkout Pages

The default cart and checkout pages for WooCommerce are boring and styling them is a big pain. Using the Cart module and Checkout module you will be able to style them easily.

You can even design a 2-column WooCommerce checkout page.

WooPack for Beaver Builder

Showcase Products in Grid & Carousel

Display products anywhere on your site with WooCommerce Product Grid and WooCommerce Product Carousel modules. Both the modules come with 4 layouts and several styling options.

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