WP Complete Pro


Make your WordPress course fully interactive as a progress tracker with just a few clicks

WPComplete is a WordPress plugin that helps your students become more successful with online courses more by helping them track their progress through them.

It works with most course and membership plugins, requires zero programming, and can be connected to your mailing list software (think: automatically email students when they finish a lesson or entire course).

Help students finish what they paid for

By giving your students a way to track their progress, they’re more likely to finish your course. That means happier and more accomplished customers, more testimonials from them, resulting in you and your course looking really good.

Progress is everything

WPComplete lets you create infinite buttons, lessons and courses. These are tracked in two ways: For the student, they can see what lessons they’ve finished and what’s left to do. For the teacher, you can see how far each student has progressed and which lessons are the most or least completed.

WP Complete Pro
WP Complete Pro

Fully customizable to match your style

WPComplete lets you quickly adjust the colors to match the branding of your course for all buttons and graphs. Out of the box, it fits into any style, and you can take it even further if you want with normal CSS styles.

Works with most course and membership plugins

WPComplete doesn’t lock you into any WordPress theme or course software. Use whatever you’d like, and we’ll take care of adding lesson completion functionality. WPComplete is the functionality most online course plugins are missing.

WP Complete Pro
WP Complete Pro 5
WP Complete Pro

Connect progress to your mailing list (or anything else)

WPComplete connects to Zapier via webhooks, which means you can create a zap if a student finishes a lesson, page or course. The zap can then trigger an automation in your mailing list to send a completion message. Or, since Zapier connects to 1,000s of programs, the sky’s the limit for what you can do with that completion data.

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