WP Fusion (Personal Plan)


WP Fusion integrates your WordPress site with your CRM or marketing automation platform. Build a membership site, engage with students, track ecommerce

All the tools you need to connect and grow.

WP Fusion extends the plugins you use every day with the power of your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Using automations in your connected CRM, you can then create highly targeted engagement campaigns via email, SMS, and other marketing channels, while simultaneously personalizing the WordPress site experience based on changes to tags and custom fields.

Connect anything to anything
without a developer.

WP Fusion includes support for dozens of WordPress plugins, allowing you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM.

Common Use Cases

Stop wasting time with
repetitive tasks.

Example of a Gravity Forms automation

WP Fusion applies tags in your CRM based on user activity throughout your site, allowing you to track engagement and perform complex automations.

Common Use Cases

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