WP Grid Builder Add-ons


Create advanced and filterable grids for WordPress from post types, users or terms. Filter content by taxonomy terms, custom fields or WordPress fields.

Advanced Filtering System

Efficiently filter WordPress content by (custom) taxonomy terms, post fields or custom fields.

Faceted Search

Smart filtering system that only shows relevant content to users. Allow users to narrow down search results by applying multiple filter criteria.

+20 Facet Types

Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ comes with 20 facet types, including checkboxes, radios, selects, sliders, ratings, load more buttons, reset buttons and more..


Quickly and efficiently filter content asynchronously without page refreshes. Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ uses custom Ajax Endpoints to boost performance.

Browser History

Automatically build unique URLs for each faceted search. Use back and forward buttons to navigate through search result history.

Custom Fields Integration

Filter your content by WordPress Custom Fields. Compatible with ACFMeta Box and Pods plugins, easily select fields directly from the plugin interface.

eCommerce Integration

Easily filter by prices, average rating, sale status, stock status with WooCommerce plugin or Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Index Table

Facets are automatically indexed on creation and stored in a custom table to improve filtering performance and to allow more flexibility.

Developer Friendly

Use facets, as standalone, without grid and card features. This feature was made for developers, and requires PHP/HTML/CSS knowledges.

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