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In this modern era, there is a huge demand for faster loading websites. If a website loads fast then it is considered to be more reliable and professional. The website loading speed plays a vital role when it comes to user experience. It also creates a strong impression on your visitor which even results in a higher conversion rate.

“Plugin Manager Pro” is a WordPress plugin that allows you to disable plugins for certain pages, posts or URI conditions. Sometimes you don’t need to load all the plugins for every page or post. Even if you do it drops the loading speed of your website drastically. So, you may want to disable some of the plugins for some certain pages or posts in order to make your website fast and professional as well. That’s where our plugin “Plugin Manager” comes to your rescue. You will be able to disable any plugins which you think are unnecessary for specific pages or posts according to your needs.


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Advantages of using the WP Plugin Manager.

  • Reduces the page size, because unnecessary CSS/js files are not loading.
  • Reduces the total number of HTTP requests.
  • Make a website up to 90% faster.
  • Website performance is an important factor to increase conversion. WP Manager increases the overall performance of a website.

Plugin Main features

  • Very easy to use
  • Selectively disable plugins
  • Disable plugins to any specifc pages
  • Disable plugins to any specifc posts
  • Deactivate plugins by URI conditions
  • 4 different types of URI conditions.
    • URI Equals
    • URI Not Equals
    • URI Contains
    • URI Not Contains
  • Easy options panel
  • Very lightweight


VERSION: 1.1.3 — DATE: 26 – 10 – 2023

- Fixed: Ajax functions doesn't work issue

VERSION: 1.0.9 — DATE: 04 – 01 – 2022

- Fixed:  mu-plugin error
- Update: mu-plugin create function 

VERSION: 1.0.8—-—-DATE: 29 – 06 – 2021

- Removed duplicate menu from multisite
- Some other minor fixing

VERSION: 1.0.7—-—-DATE: 29 – 05 – 2021

- Extended: Responsive deivice features

VERSION: 1.0.6—-—-DATE: 18 – 05 – 2021

- Added: Posts per page limit control option

VERSION: 1.0.5—-—-DATE: 09 – 05 – 2021

- Fixed foreach & undefined index warnings
- Fixed fopen warning

VERSION: 1.0.4—-—-DATE: 28 – 03 – 2021

- Added: Custom Post type support
- Fixed: Conflict with free version

VERSION: 1.0.3—-—-DATE: 09-02-2021

- Added: Custom post type support
- Fixed: Few php warning issues
- Fixed: Conditional fields

VERSION: 1.0.2—-—-DATE: 17-12-2020

- Fixed: Spelling typo

VERSION: 1.0.1—-—-DATE: 23-07-2020

1. Compatible with Latest PHP version
2. Add setting page link in plugin menu action
3. MU-Plugin directory remove option added
4. Free and pro Both activation broken issue solved

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