WP Portal Dashboard


WP Portal Dashboard replaces more than 8 tools and apps you use to manage your business with one centralized dashboard.

Manage Your Projects

Easily manage your projects using WordPress Portal. Give access to your team, assign tasks, open discussions, upload files, and set milestones.

Get Tasks Done

Assign tasks to a specific team member and set the due date for this task. You can also open a discussion for every single task you. Tasks board helps you to know the status of all project tasks at a glance.

Upload & Share Files

Share project files with your team on the go locally on your server or on the cloud using Google Cloud Storage based on your settings.

Track Your Time

WordPress Portal tracker will let you and your team track your time based on project and task selection. All-time tracked will be added to the project and you can generate a timesheet for the tracked time on a specific date range.

Send Invoices

Create and send invoices to your clients on the go. Invoice can be assigned to specific projects with auto calculations and status updates.

Receive Payments

Receive payments online using Credit Card (Stripe), PayPal, and WooCommerce for each invoice you send. The client has the option to set a specific amount to pay or pay in full.

WPPortal Payment Options

Recurring Subscriptions.

Create subscription plans and recurring invoices and let your customers subscribe to your service or product with just a few clicks. Just create it once and let it go automatically by charging your client’s credit card or PayPal account.

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