WPEverest User Registration


User Registration is a powerful WordPress registration plugin that allows you to create a streamlined registration forms and login forms.

Register More Users and Improve Engagement in WordPress

WPEverest User Registration

Custom Registration Forms Made Easy

Designing WordPress custom registration forms has never been easier. Simply drag and drop fields and visually create user register forms.

WPEverest User Registration

Drag-and-drop Form Builder

Create custom user registration forms in minutes with the drag and drop form builder. Absolutely no coding skills needed.

WPEverest User Registration

Unlimited Custom Form Fields

Add custom form fields in your registration forms. Collect targeted user information and personalize their overall experience.

WPEverest User Registration

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Save your time and effort with User Registration’s pre-designed form templates. No extensive customization is needed.

WPEverest User Registration

Built-in Login Form

Add User Registration’s built-in login form to your website and let users securely log into their account from the front-end.

Hassle-free User Management

User Registration is built with ease of use in mind. So, you can manage new and existing users as well as analyze user metrics without issue.

WPEverest User Registration

Assign User Roles During Registration

Control the access to the admin dashboard with the help of six default user roles.

WPEverest User Registration

Auto and Manual User Approval

Approve users automatically or manually after registration in 5 different ways.

WPEverest User Registration

Customize Email Notifications

Tailor automated email notifications for events such as successful registration, password reset, etc.

WPEverest User Registration

Separate Reports

Get an overview of registration and user metrics with a separate analytics dashboard.

Frontend User Profiles

User Registration gives you modern frontend user profiles that are fully customizable.

WPEverest User Registration

Beautiful User Account Profiles

The plugin automatically creates a beautiful user profile for every registered user on your site.

WPEverest User Registration

Enable Users to Manage their Account

Let your members view and manage their profile information easily from their user profile page.

WPEverest User Registration

Customize User Profile Page

Customize the look and feel of the user profile pages to match it with your website design.

Bullet-Proof Form Spam Protection

Secure your user registration forms from spam and unwanted login attempts with User Registration’s advanced security features.

WPEverest User Registration

Spam Protection with CAPTCHAs

Prevent spam registration on your website by enforcing the registration forms with Google reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha.

WPEverest User Registration

Honeypot Security

Keep your submissions clean. Enable honeypot security on your registration forms to detect and block spam bots.

WPEverest User Registration

Two-factor Authentication

Protect sensitive user information by enabling the two-factor authentication (2FA) security measure in the login forms.

Advanced Functionalities Ready

Build a comprehensive member registration system on your WordPress site with our advanced features and functionalities.

WPEverest User Registration

Powerful Form with Advanced Fields

Add advanced form fields such as custom HTML, section title, and build powerful user registration forms.

WPEverest User Registration

Geolocation Data

Collect geolocation data from your registered users, such as country, city, ZIP code, map, etc.

WPEverest User Registration

Smart Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to create personalized registration forms for your users.

WPEverest User Registration

Content Restriction

Restrict user access to certain content on your website based on user roles, permissions, etc.

WooCommerce User Registration Simplified

If you’re planning to sell online, User Registration supports flawless integration with WooCommerce. You can combine these two plugins to create a streamlined customer registration and checkout process.

WPEverest User Registration

Add billing and shipping address fields to registration forms.

WPEverest User Registration

Sync User Registration form fields with WooCommerce checkout.

WPEverest User Registration

Add WooCommerce data, such as orders, addresses, etc. to the user profile.

WPEverest User Registration

Let users create an account during checkout.

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