WPForms Form Abandonment Addon


Prevent Form Abandonment and Capture Lost Leads

Tired of site visitors abandoning your forms? Unlock more leads by capturing partial entries from your forms. Easily follow up with interested leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Stop Losing Leads and Sales

Form abandonment happens. The kids cause a distraction, a dog barks to go outside, or phone notifications pull their attention to something else. Once a user leaves a form, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever return to complete it.

Abandonment doesn’t mean they’re not interested. If they began filling it out with information, then you should have the option to follow-up with them. WPForms helps make that possible.

Smart Detection that Works With Any Type of Form

Activate form abandonment on any single or multi-page form, including:

  • Request a quote forms
  • Order forms
  • Support request forms
  • Lead forms
  • …and more

Message Form Abandoners

You wouldn’t want to send your confirmation email to someone that didn’t fill out the form.

Instead, you can (and should) send them a targeted message to follow-up on their interest.

All the Fields and Features that You Need to Succeed

From multiple choice fields to file uploads for accepting signatures, WPForms has all the fields you need.

Easily integrate your WordPress forms with an email marketing service or collect payments for bookings and orders. WPForms allows you to do it all.

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