YITH Active Campaign for WooCommerce Premium


Integrate all of the features of Active Campaign into your shop in less than 30 seconds.

Emails are one of the most rewarding channels in online business, and it’s no secret.

Almost all worldwide online market owners state that a big part of their income comes from their mailing list since any email sent is a good opportunity to obtain new sales.

A simple email sent at the right time could bring customers to make a second purchase, a chance you are currently wasting for each successful order you receive, and that might be worth hundreds of dollars.

What about sending an email based on the category to which the purchased product belongs?

Imagine if you could send an upsell email to customers who added a specific product to their cart and completed the order. Can you see the opportunity?

Our plugin is designed to give WooCommerce all the features of this service by taking full advantage of its potential while keeping an eye on the e-commerce side.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Active Campaign, you can also create custom forms in just a few clicks, assign specific tags, send emails as soon as a purchase threshold is reached, and so on…

We have also implemented a very important feature that allows you to segment your user base according to the information entered during the checkout, for instance, you could enter all of the inhabitants of a specific town in a specific list, to start a flow of automatic emails containing information and/or promotions dedicated to a specific portion of your users


  • Register your users to one or more of your Active Campaign lists
  • Add users to the list automatically or by asking for their consent, through the use of the related checkbox
  • Possibility to add users to the list:
    • after completing the checkout process
    • after completing the order
    • when the user registers to the site
  • Insert different registration forms in the pages thanks to the use of shortcodes
  • Add users to your Active Campaign lists through the widget
  • Option to show reCaptcha for shortcode and widget New
  • Export the site users automatically to your Active Campaign lists
  • Tags will be added automatically when the order switches to another status New
  • Associate tags to users when registering to the list
  • Advanced integration mode: based on products/categories in cart and order total
  • Thanks to the E-commerce Deep Data integration the plugin can store the order details and products purchased in the customer’s profile in your Active Campaign account, so you’ll be able to create automations, custom segments and tags for targeted follow-up campaigns or abandoned carts New

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