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ITH Auctions for WooCommerce · Set a start price, a reserve price and a “buy now” price · Choose to set the auction with manual or automatic bids.

Manage online auctions to sell your products: the business model users just can’t resist.

Do you know what an online auction is?

I bet you do, and you probably have already considered selling products on eBay, the number one network in this field that built an empire on this kind of sales and got millions of people used to buying online through their bids, taking part in a sort of race to purchase.

Users who are interested in auctions are moved by the chance to get items at low prices and motivated to place a bid which in most cases turns into an immediate price rise as soon as they are outbid.

Auctions are simple: anybody can place a bid for a specific product and if no other bid exceeds the previous one, then they win the item. This allows buyers to grab products for their best price and allows vendors to generate a profit sometimes bigger than anticipated.

Using our YITH WooCommerce Auction plugin, you will not only be able to make auctions for your products but thanks to the integration of our YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor you will have the chance to create a real portal for online auctions, allowing all of your vendors to create auctions of their own and letting you earn a share on each one of their sales.

Set a start price, a reserve price and a “buy now” price

For each auction, you can define a start price, a reserve price (the minimum price you are willing to accept for the product), and a selling price to allow users to purchase the product immediately, without taking part in the auction.

Choose to set the auction with manual or automatic bids.

For every auction, you can decide if users must place their bids manually or if they can enter the maximum amount they’re willing to pay in order to let the system raise bids automatically until reaching the limit they set.

Create a standard auction or a Dutch auction where the winner is the user who made the lowest bid

In a classic auction, the highest bid is the one winning the auction, whereas, in the Dutch auction, the lowest one wins.

Set secret auctions to hide bids

You can set an auction as “secret” to hide the bids made so far from other users.

Set a “fee” to sign-up and take part in the auction

For each auction, you can set a fee that users have to pay before placing their bid. To pay the fee, they will be redirected directly to the checkout.

Choose whether to apply an extra commission to the auction winner

Since version 3.0 you can make sure that the auction winner pays an additional commission to cover side costs like taxes, management or legal costs, etc. You can show the commission cost on the auction product page or only on the checkout page when the winner is going to pay for the won item.

Choose from 4 different countdown layouts (or show the auction duration only)

The plugin offers 4 modern and captivating countdowns to show users when the auction ends. You can choose the style that fits your theme better, customize colors, or disable the counter to show only the end date of the auction.

Choose whether to enable the “Watchlist” to let users keep track of the auction they are interested in or not

Let your users choose from signing-up to the auction and receive email notifications or adding the auction to a “watchlist” they can track through the related widget or on their account.

Ask users for confirmation before publishing their bid

Reduce the number of bids made only out of curiosity or without real interest by requesting users a confirmation before publishing their bids and informing them of the obligations if they win the auctions.

Request users to register or log in and set a valid credit card to be able to bid

By integrating our YITH Stripe, you can improve your auction site safety by requesting users to insert a valid credit card in order to make a bid.


When the auction ends, automatically generate an order with the “pending payment” status to pay for the auction item

Sending an email to the auction winner and asking to pay for the item without giving any reference to how and when could be a double-edged sword: to streamline the payment process for the auction product, you can enable the dedicated option and generate the order to pay for this item in a totally automated way. The generated order will take on the “pending payment” status and the auction winner will be redirected to the checkout page from the link in the email.

Automatically charge the auction winner’s card

Thanks to the integration with our YITH Stripe plugin, you can automatically charge the auction winner’s credit card when the auction ends. This new feature will make your site much more solid and will dramatically reduce the rate of unpaid auctions.

Decide how to manage auctions not paid for or those that haven’t reached the reserve price

If the winner of the auction doesn’t pay the product, choose whether to send the notification to the second-highest bidder or reschedule the auction and publish it again automatically.

Use widgets, shortcodes, and Gutenberg blocks to show your auctions where you want

Thanks to the shortcodes, you can create custom pages to show active and scheduled auctions or only those belonging to specific categories. Use the widgets in sidebars or any widget area of your theme. If you use Gutenberg, you can benefit from the related blocks to show your auctions on any page.

Keep your users up-to-date with a wide range of notifications

Send notification emails to users who keep track of the auction and to all bidders when there is a new bid, when the auction is about to end, when someone outbids them(encouraging them to place another bid) and when the auction has ended.


  • Auction creation
    • Create unlimited auctions in your shop
    • Create standard auctions: the user that bid the higher offer win
    • Create reversed auctions: the user that bid the lower offer win
    • Create sealed auctions: the current bid and the list of bids will be hidden
    • Create auctions with fee: users has to pay the fee before to place a bid
    • Set a start price for the auction
    • Set a minimum increment amount
    • Set the reserve price for the product: no one will win the auction below the specified amount
    • Set a “buy now” price and let users end the auction by purchasing the product via the ‘buy now’ option
    • Set the start/end date and time for the auction
    • Hide automatically the “buy now” button after the first bid is placed or when a bid exceeds the auction reserve price
    • Enable an option to automatically extend the end date of an auction if a bid is placed a few minutes before its end
    • Show an optional countdown in the auction page or loop. Choose from different styles and customize the colors of the countdown.
  • Bidding options
    • Enable the “manual bidding”: when a new higher bid is placed, the bidders will get a notification to push them to bid again
    • Enable the “automatic bidding” (Ebay style): the user enters the maximum he is willing to pay for the item. The system will automatically bid for him with the smallest amount possible every time, until the user’s maximum limit has been reached
    • Enable a popup to ask the user to confirm the bid before it is placed
    • Enable a popup to ask the user to pay a fee before to bid
  • Auction winning & payment
    • Force users to add a credit card before placing a bid
    • Automatic creation of an order with “pending payment” status assigned to auction winner New Hot
    • Automatically charge the winner’s credit card when the auction ends through our Stripe plugin integration New Hot
    • Option to charge a commission fee to auction winner New
    • Show a different badge for the highest bidder and/or winner
    • Show a custom message for the winner on the auction page
  • Auctions rescheduling
    • Automatically reschedule an auction when product doesn’t have any bids
    • Automatically reschedule an auction when bids don’t exceed the reserve price
    • Automatically reschedule an auction when the winner did not pay for the product (you can choose to send a pay reminder to the winner, to send the winning notification to the 2nd higher bidder or to reschedule the auction)
  • Admin tools
    • Choose to show or hide the auction products on your shop
    • Hide ended or not started auctions on shop page
    • Show the complete list of auction products on any page of the site using the shortcode
    • Suggest similar auctions on the ended auction pages New
    • Check all bids placed on a specific auction from its product editing page
    • Export a CSV file of the complete ‘auction list’
    • Set the date and time format for auction products
    • Override the global options on each specific auction
    • Encrypt or show bidder usernames when they make a bid on the product
    • Ban users from bidding
  • Tools for bidders
    • Users can add auctions in a watchlist to stay updated
    • Users can follow an auction by entering their email address
    • Users can unfollow auctions through an “unsubscribe” link in the emails New
    • Users can check their watchlist, current-, past-, future- auctions in the sidebar through the widgets
    • Update the auction page and ‘my auctions’ page automatically with Ajax to show new bids in real time
    • Bidders can check the complete list of placed bids directly from the “My auctions” page
  • Admin notifications
    • Receive an automatic email when the auction expired and the product has no bids or the the reserve price hasn’t been reached
    • Receive an automatic email when the auction expired and has a winner
    • Receive an automatic email when a customer places a bid or a bid has been removed
    • Receive an automatic email when an auction is automatically rescheduled
  • Bidders notifications
    • Notify any new bid to bidders
    • Notify any new bid to users that follow the auction
    • Send an email to bidders when the auction is closed
    • Send an email to bidders when they successfully placed a bid
    • Send an email to bidders when they won or lost the auction
    • Send an email to bidders when their bids are been exceeded or when their highest bids didn’t reach the reserve price
    • Send an email to bidders when their bids are been deleted
    • Send an email to bidders when the auction ends for “buy now”
    • Send a payment reminder to the bidder that won the auction and hasn’t paid yet
    • Send a winner email to the 2nd highest bidder if the winner not pay for the item
    • Daily Cron Job to resend failed emails to winners
  • Suggested integrations
    • YITH Easy Login & Register for WooCommerce – to allow users to login or register directly from auction page without having to be redirected to My Account page
    • YITH Stripe – to automatically charge the user’s credit card after winning the auction

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