YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce Premium


YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin.  This plugin allows making the purchase process in your shop more straightforward and faster by giving you the possibility to create custom lists of products for specific customers or resellers.


  • List creation options
    • Create an unlimited number of product lists
    • Show all products or just specific products/categories/tags in the list
    • Exclude specific products/categories/tags from the list
    • Set the number of products per page to display and whether to use the standard pagination or a “Load more” button to load more products in AJAX
    • Choose the product sorting order (alphabetically ascending or descending, publication date, higher or lower price)
    • Enable the option to show “featured” products on top of the list
    • Choose the product info to show on the page (image, price, stock quantity, SKU, short description)
    • Set up the visibility rules for the list and choose whether it can be viewed by all users (also guest users), by registered users only, or make it exclusively visible to specific users/user roles only
    • Exclude specific users and user roles from accessing a specific list of products
  • List page & Layout
    • Choose which filters to show above the list of products (Sort by, Filter by category, Filter by tag, Search by product name, Search by SKU)
    • Choose between a table layout with horizontal rows or a grid view for your products list
    • Show the quantity form and the style to use for it (classic or modern)
    • Set the size of the product image in the list
    • Choose whether to show the “Add to Cart” button of each product on the list or not
    • Choose the style of the “Add to cart” button: you can either use your theme default button style or enable the modern layout offered by the plugin and customize all colors
    • Show the button “Add all products to the cart” and its position (above the product list, below, or in both positions)
    • Choose how to manage the product variations in the list: hide the variation select dropdown and show only the default variation, show the variation select dropdown as a separate column, or show it in the same column where the “Add to cart” button appears
    • Choose whether to open the product detail page when you click on the product name or enable a quick view that allows users to get more details about the product without leaving the list page
  • Price total & Proceed to checkout
    • Show the total price of all products added to the cart in a custom box displayed below the product list
    • Show the “Proceed with checkout” button below the list of products
    • Customize the colors of the box with the price total and of the “Proceed with checkout” button
  • Cart widget
    • Enable the cart widget and choose between sticky or floating style for it
    • Choose the WooCommerce pages where the cart widget will show New
    • Hide the cart widget on mobile devices
    • Hide the cart widget if the cart is empty New
    • Customize the cart widget colors

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