YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium


Create unlimited brands to assign to your products. The plugin allows you to easily create unlimited brands. · Use images or logos to easily identify your brands.

Guarantee quality and ensure product recognition through brands

71% of users who buy online say that for them it is essential to recognize a brand before making a purchase. This is not so strange: brands are always a guarantee of quality, they assure product recognition in customers’ minds and generate an attitude of loyalty and retention that comes from established experience.

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on allows you to quickly implement a brand system into your shop: your customers will be attracted to your store by well-known brands and will be more motivated to buy what they find in it because they trust the brands you are selling.

Thanks to the widgets and shortcodes included in the plugin, you can show brands on the shop and product pages, show all brands in a sidebar, filter products by brand, and much more.

Create unlimited brands to assign to your products

The plugin allows you to easily create unlimited brands. For each brand, you can enter the name, customize the slug and upload a custom image/logo. You can choose to show only the name, only the logo or both on the product page and shop pages.

Use taxonomies as brands

You can also convert a specific taxonomy of your shop, like a category, an attribute or a tag, into a brand. So, for example, if you already created a “brands” attribute for the brands of your products, you can still use it and use shortcodes and widgets without any limit.

Use images or logos to easily identify your brands

Customers recognize visual logos better, even without a text and especially if you sell products of popular brands. With our plugin you can upload logos, customize their size and choose to show only the logo, without the textual brand name.

Customize the brand page with a custom banner

Customize the brand archive page with a custom header image: in this way, you can create a “brand page” where users can easily find all the available products of a specific brand.

Choose where and how to show the brand

Show the brand on the shop and product pages, choose the position and customize the info to show. There are a lot of options to achieve the exact result you need.

Enable the “Sort by brand” option on the Shop page

With just one click, you can add the option “Sort by brand” to the default sorting dropdown shown on the Shop page. This way, your customers will be able to sort products by brand, in alphabetical order.

A wide range of shortcodes and widgets to highlight brands

Highlight brands in a widget area (like a sidebar) using our widgets (select, list of brands, logo sliders, etc.), or use the shortcodes to create advanced filtering pages (brands by category, brands in alphabetical order, etc.). The plugin includes a wide range of tools for all needs.

Create discounts or promotions for specific brands (YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is required)

With the integration between this plugin and our YITH Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, you can create advanced discount rules or promotions (end-of-season discounts, Black Friday sales, 3×2, 2×1, BOGO, etc.) only for products of specific brands.


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