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The complete solution to automatically generate and manage all your invoices.

Regardless of the product and service types you sell, the correct invoicing of orders is an essential element for your store management.
Invoices are the official documents for sales and include all the most important information related to the order: customer’s data, products (or services) purchased, amount to pay and possible shipping costs or taxes, and much more. An effective invoicing system can be the strong point of your e-commerce and a guarantee to prevent bureaucratic mistakes or time-consuming legal matters from encountering (income tax return, disputes with customers, returns, refunds, etc.).

The nice thing about selling online is the possibility to get rid of paper invoices or invoices managed with obsolete software: if you run a WooCommerce-based e-commerce site and use our YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, you will be able to generate and manage your invoices very easily and quickly.

Our plugin covers all management requirements not available in the basic system available in WooCommerce: you can, for example: configure your invoice numbering based on your preferences, export invoices into a CSV file or download them as PDF, enable the automatic backup of invoices on your Dropbox or Google Drive account, manage credit notes and shipping lists, edit and regenerate all invoices with one click. A versatile and constantly updated tool to make your life easier and have full management of any invoicing aspect of your online shop.


Choose whether to generate invoices for specific orders manually or for all orders automatically

You can install and use the plugin to generate invoices manually for specific orders (you can choose the date to show on the invoice) or enable the option to generate invoices automatically for all the orders placed in your shop (and define the order status that will trigger the invoice generation).



Choose the invoice numbering: use the order number or ID or a sequential numbering

Numbering invoices correctly is essential for the right management of orders and documents. For this reason, our plugin offers different options: you can assign the order ID or number to the related invoices or set a sequential numbering, starting from a specific number. You can choose to reset the numbering on December 31 every year and enable the option to prevent invoices from being mistakenly generated with the same number. Each option has been developed to make the invoice management easier.


Monitor and manage invoices through the dedicated dashboard

From version 3.0, you will find a dedicated panel from which you can fully manage all the invoices generated in your shop. You can also bulk generate invoices, download them as PDF, regenerate and delete them: a quick and easy option to apply an action to multiple orders at once.

YITH PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Generate proforma invoices or receipts for your customers

The plugin doesn’t manage invoices only: you can also enable receipts and proforma invoices for your shop’s orders. With just a simple click, your customers can get the PDF file of all documents directly in their My Account page.

Manage shipping lists for products physically shipped to customers

In addition to invoices, you will be able to generate and manage delivery notes (shipping lists) for the products you need to physically ship to your customers. In the note, you can show the weight and size of the products and the shipping method used, with the related cost.


Easily manage refunds

The plugin allows you to easily generate credit notes for all refunded orders. From version 3.0, you can also show amounts with positive values in credit notes (required in some countries like Germany or Spain).

Configure the format of all your documents (file name, prefix, suffix, etc.)

You can customize the format of all documents generated in your shop. You can set a default format and choose whether to configure a prefix (a text or number to insert before the invoice number, such as YITH-1234) or a suffix (a text to insert after the invoice number, such as 1234-YITH).



Create an automatic backup of all invoices on Dropbox or Google Drive

Do you want more security and save a copy of all your invoices on a Cloud service or upload them online to easily share them with your accountant? With YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, you can enable the automatic backup of all documents generated with the plugin on your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Require your customers to complete the VAT or SSN fields at the checkout and insert the data in the generated invoices

If you need to include your customers’ VAT or SSN in the invoices, you can enable the option to request this data at the checkout and choose whether to make them required or not. If the customer completes the fields, the data will be automatically added to the documents (invoices, credit notes, etc.).

YITH PDF Invoices & Packing Slips


Use the new integrated builder to create unlimited templates

Choose one of the 9 templates included and customize it with the new Gutenberg-based builder. You can add text and image blocks to it, and customize the style and colors to build unlimited layouts for the invoices to send to your customers. Thanks to the builder, you can, for example, create different templates to be used during specific times of the year (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) and send your customers professional and captivating documents.

A complete solution to be 100% compliant with the Italian law

If your shop is based in Italy you can use the plugin to enable the Electronic Invoicing System (Sistema di fatturazione elettronica) for the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate. You will be able to download an XML file of each invoice generated.


Insert tracking data into the invoices’ delivery notes

If you use this plugin with the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking, you can show a “delivery note” section in your invoices and share tracking data with your customers. An easy and powerful way to provide a better customer experience.


  • Invoices options
    • Choose manual invoice generation and which date to show on the invoice
    • Enable the automatic invoice generation and in which order status to generate the invoice
    • Prevent invoice generations for orders with value “0” New
    • Use the order number as the invoice number New Hot
    • Use the order ID as the invoice number New Hot
    • Use a sequential numbering to assign the invoice number (and set from which number to start)
    • Enforce minimum invoice number length
    • Reset invoice numbering at the beginning of each year
    • Customize your invoice number by adding a prefix or a suffix
    • Manage all invoices from the dedicated table (you can use the bulk actions to regenerate, download PDF, or download a CSV file of all invoices or only specific ones) New
    • Customize the format of each document
    • Customize the folder name, where invoices are saved New
    • Enable the automatic backup of all documents in your Dropbox account
    • Enable the automatic backup of all documents in your Google Drive account New
    • Allows customers to download invoices and other generated documents from their My Account (“Orders” section)
    • Let customers choose whether they need an invoice or a receipt at checkout
    • Generate proforma invoices and choose which information to show
    • Dedicated section for the Italian Electronic Invoicing (Sistema di fatturazione elettronica) required for Italian companies: generate the .xml file with the format required by the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate to be 100% compliant

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