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Write natural and free-flowing content with different forms of your keyword. Yoast SEO Premium recognizes singular and plurals.

What does the Premium analysis do?

Yoast SEO Premium helps you write more naturally. One of the features is the possibility to optimize your posts for related keyphrases and synonyms. And, what’s more, it will also recognize different word forms of the words of your keyphrase. It helps you to easily write better copy for your audience and search engines!

Write even better copy for readers and SEO

  • Optimize your text for related keyphrases and synonyms
  • Write naturally; it recognizes different word forms
  • Recognizes singular and plurals, but also tenses of verbs
  • Find out if you’ve distributed your keyphrase well

Why do I need the Premium text analysis?

Search engines are smarter than ever these days. Google is actually reading texts and tries to mimic the way people read texts. So, if you want to optimize your content to its full potential, you need an SEO plugin that is just as clever. So, what does the Yoast SEO Premium analysis do?

Write natural and free-flowing content with different forms of your keyword

Yoast SEO Premium recognizes singular and plurals. It recognizes the singular: “dog” and it also recognizes the plural: “dogs”.  It also recognizes different tenses of verbs, like “call”, “calling”, “calls” and “called”. And, it adjusts your keyword optimization scores accordingly. The plugin only focuses on content words. These are the words that contain the core meaning of your keyphrase. Function words that act as the “glue” for your content words are filtered automatically. What’s more, the word order is flexible.

more words are highlighted in the premium analysis
A screenshot of the two analyses with the same focus keyphrase [cat game]: you can see more words are recognized and highlighted with the Premium SEO analysis.

If you write in one of our supported languages, you’ll love this feature! Yoast SEO Premium recognizes different word forms of your keyphrase. We currently support many languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish and are working hard on adding more languages. It’s awesome because it will allow you to write in a natural and free-flowing way and see how well you’re doing that in the SEO analysis.

Make your content more engaging and understandable with synonyms

If you want to write an article that is nice and easy to read, you’ll probably use synonyms of your focus keyword throughout your text. That’s excellent because repeating your exact focus keyphrase often impairs readability. Using synonyms is a way to help users understand your copy better and search engines will recognize these synonyms too. They’ll understand your text is still on topic! In Yoast SEO Premium you can add these synonyms of your focus keyphrase, and we’ll be able to see if you’ve used those synonyms in your text.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose one keyphrase because you want a post not only to rank for that focus keyphrase, but also for a slightly different, related keyphrase. Since Google has been getting better at recognizing relationships between topics, it’s smart to optimize your post for relevant, related keyphrases. Luckily, our related keyphrase feature can help you out. It allows you to easily add related keyphrases!

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