YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla


YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

Design and build
your website visually.

The YOOtheme Pro page builder for WordPress and Joomla is perfect for designers who want to create beautiful page layouts, and developers who appreciate extensibility and clean, semantic code.

Drag and Drop Icon

Organize Content with Drag & Drop

Add, copy or delete sections, grids and content elements with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Everything you build is instantly shown in the page builder preview.

Responsive Layouts Icon

Create Responsive Grid Layouts

Build responsive grids by adding rows and columns without writing a single line of code. The page builder layouts will adapt perfectly to all device sizes.

Element Library Icon

Add Content Elements on the Fly

Simply drop content elements in your grid layouts — from text and images to slideshows and galleries. Easily add and manage your content with the page builder.

35+ Elements to Build Your Content

The YOOtheme Pro Joomla and WordPress page builder comes with an expanding collection of ready-to-use elements. Easily extend it with your own custom elements.

  • Page Builder Accordion ElementAccordion
  • Page Builder Alert ElementAlert
  • Page Builder Breadcrumbs ElementBreadcrumbs
  • Page Builder Button ElementButton
  • Page Builder Code ElementCode
  • Page Builder Comments ElementComments

  • Page Builder Countdown ElementCountdown
  • Page Builder Description List ElementDescription List
  • Page Builder Divider ElementDivider
  • Page Builder Gallery ElementGallery
  • Page Builder Grid ElementGrid
  • Page Builder Headline ElementHeadline
  • Page Builder HTML ElementHTML

  • Page Builder Icon ElementIcon
  • Page Builder Image ElementImage
  • Page Builder List ElementList
  • Page Builder Map ElementMap
  • Page Builder Joomla Module ElementModule/Widget
  • Page Builder Joomla Position ElementPosition/Area
  • Page Builder Nav ElementNav
  • Page Builder Newsletter ElementNewsletter
  • Page Builder Overlay ElementOverlay
  • Page Builder Overlay Slider ElementOverlay Slider
  • Page Builder Pagination ElementPagination
  • Page Builder Panel ElementPanel
  • Page Builder Panel Slider ElementPanel Slider
  • Page Builder Popover ElementPopover
  • Page Builder Quotation ElementQuotation
  • Page Builder Search ElementSearch
  • Page Builder Slideshow ElementSlideshow
  • Page Builder Social ElementSocial
  • Page Builder Sublayout ElementSublayout

  • Page Builder Subnav ElementSubnav
  • Page Builder Switcher ElementSwitcher
  • Page Builder Table ElementTable
  • Page Builder Text ElementText
  • Page Builder Totop ElementTotop
  • Create Your Own Layouts

    Customize your website and save your created sections and entire page builder layouts into the library. Mix and reuse them later on other pages.

    Load dynamic content from anywhere into your layouts.

    With the YOOtheme Pro builder you can load content fields into any of your layouts and even create site-wide templates for the blog, category and single post pages.

    Dynamic Content and Template Builder Video

    Play Video Icon
    Watch the Presentation

    In-depth walkthrough in 5 min.

    Custom Fields to the Max

    Enjoy full support for Joomla custom fields and Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress and create layouts entirely based on dynamic content.

    Custom Sources from Anywhere

    Create individual pages by loading content from different sources, for example, the latest posts, most popular movies or all your shop categories.

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Display dynamic content from posts, categories, tags or users in a Slider, Slideshow or any other element. There is really nothing you can’t do.

    250+ Beautifully Designed Styles

    Benefit from a huge collection of hand-crafted style variations. Switch between them, and your content will adapt automatically.

    Create Your Own Style

    The style customizer allows you to change your site’s appearance. Modify fonts, colors, spacing — all without the need to write any CSS.

    Global UI components

    We use the UIkit CSS framework to customize all UI components.

    600+ Google Fonts

    Used fonts are stored locally for faster loading and GDPR compliance.

    125+ premium icons

    YOOtheme Pro comes with a set of beautifully designed modern icons.

    Color picker

    Adjust one color and see it change in real-time all over your website.

    Customize Your Layout


    Header Layouts for
    Every Purpose

    Choose between different header layouts and select one of the many navigation options to create the perfect header for your Joomla or WordPress website.

    •  Various sticky header navigations
    •  Modal and Offcanvas menus
    •  Dropdown and Dropbar modes

    Mobile Header

    Even when it comes to the mobile navigation, you can choose the header you prefer. Apply one of the navigation modes and define the breakpoint for mobiles.

    •  Dropdown, Modal and Offcanvas menus
    •  Different animations for all menu types
    •  Various menu styles
    YOOtheme Pro Blog Layouts

    Blog Layouts

    YOOtheme Pro also has multiple options for the blog and post layout. For instance, you can expand the gutter between columns or display dividers and much more.

    •  Alignment options for blogs and posts
    •  Content Width option for posts
    •  Different navigation modes
    •  Drop Cap mode for posts
    YOOtheme Pro WooCommerce Pages


    YOOtheme Pro fully supports WooCommerce, the free WordPress ecommerce plugin, and automatically styles its pages, so that they correspond to the overall look of your WordPress website.

    WooCommerce Logo


    Build Complex Websites With Ease

    YOOtheme Pro Builder Module

    Use the Page Builder Everywhere

    Load the page builder in the Top or Bottom positions of your Joomla and WordPress website to create complex and sophisticated layouts even on Blog pages.

    That way you can display a different footer on each page and manage user permissions for page builder layouts.

    Load Dynamic Content

    Place entire WordPress widget areas, or Joomla module positions respectively, inside your page builder layouts.


    Premium Layouts and Beautiful Styles
    Crafted by Professional Designers

    YOOtheme Pro comes with regular theme packages
    including a thematic demo website, modern page layouts,
    different style variations and many free-to-use images.

    • Demo Website Icon

      Demo Website

    • Page Layouts Icon

      Page Layouts

    • Style Variations Icon

      Style Variations

    • Free Images Icon

      Free Images

    Showcase of the Regular Theme Packages


    Get Hundreds of YOOtheme Pro Features All in One Package

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    Responsive & Retina Ready

    Everything is fully responsive and works perfectly on every device. The best image sizes are served automatically, even for high resolutions displays.

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    Fast Loading

    YOOtheme Pro uses the latest technologies to reduce time to the first meaningful paint of your website and provide a great user experience.

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    1-Click Updates

    Keeping YOOtheme Pro up to date is very easy. You’ll get notified by WordPress or Joomla if an update is available. A single click — and your website is updated.

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    Easy Customizations

    Add custom JavaScript, CSS and Less code easily through the YOOtheme Pro settings. You don’t have to touch or upload a single file.

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    Child Themes

    Make YOOtheme Pro fit your needs. Add new theme settings or custom builder elements, override templates files or extend it with any custom PHP code.

    YOOtheme Pro for WP and Joomla

    40+ Translations

    YOOtheme Pro comes with RTL support and is available in more than 40 languages thanks to our devoted community. You can join them in OneSky.

    YOOtheme Pro. One Price – All Included

    Join over 150,000 customers risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Join Now

    starting at
    per year



    Mobile Header

    Even when it comes to the mobile navigation, you can choose the header you prefer. Apply one of the navigation modes and define the breakpoint for mobiles.

    •  Dropdown, Modal and Offcanvas menus
    •  Different animations for all menu types
    •  Various menu stylesPage Builder Video ElementVideo

      420+ Page Builder Layouts

      Boost your design process by importing one of the pre-built page builder layouts with a single click. Mix and match the sections to create a unique Joomla or WordPress website in minutes.

      Crafted by Professionals

      Created by a team of professional designers, our Joomla and WordPress page builder has the most innovative and high-class layouts you’ll find.

      Regular Theme Packages

      Our demo websites come with well-thought-out page builder layouts to get you started in no time. New packages are released regularly.

      Free Quality Images

      We do a comprehensive image research for each topic. That’s why our page builder layouts come with high-quality and free-to-use images.

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